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RO DBT Therapy, Training, and Pricing

Simply RO DBT provides individual therapy for adults and teens, RO DBT skills classes,

supervision for therapists, RO DBT clinician training and RO DBT continuing education trainings.

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Individual Counseling

$150-175 ongoing sessions

50 min
$175-200 intake assessment

60 min

Meet our clinicians

RO DBT Skills Classes
1 hour - online

ADULT classes

5 MT/ 6pm CT Mondays

6 MT/ 7 CT Tuesdays

Noon MT/ 1pm CT Thursday

$50 per 60 min

Clinician Training
and Supervision

$175 per 60 min RO DBT supervision session with Hope Arnold

1, 3 and 6 hour trainings available for groups, price upon request

Session are available online or in person.

Skills classes are ONLINE only, due to service in 3 states.

Simply RO DBT accepts therapy clients that reside in Colorado, Georgia Utah, Texas,  and Virginia.  If you do not reside in one of these states, please visit for a list of providers in your locations.

Simply RO DBT does NOT accept insurance but we are happy to provide superbills for you to file with your insurance provider if you have out-of-network mental health benefits.

Please click here to read our No Surprises Act Disclosure Notice 


Individual sessions

Skills classes

Adult overcontrolled coping tends to be characterized by a desire to perform well in all areas of ones' life.  Adults may set very high expectations for themselves only to work so hard they burn out, or they get in to a habit of starting and then being unable to finish tasks.  Sometimes adults with overcontrol report feeling lonely, anxious, angry, depressed and unable to relax.  They may struggle with making friends, getting out of rigid routines or obsessive thinking, and having fun.  Many times our clients are unaware why certain behavior patterns keep repeating, or why they struggle to achieve success in relationships. This therapy is designed to help adults meet their unique life goals while keeping in mind the values that are important to them.

Adolecents (13+)

Individual sessions

Individual skills

Adolescents characterized by overcontrolled coping tend to be serious about life, set high personal standards, work hard, behave "appropriately" in public and have perfectionistic tendencies. They may be overly focused on school or extracurricular activities to the detriment of their health or at the cost of building strong social relationships. Sometimes overcontrolled teens are bossy, overly pleasing, secretive or don't like doing new things. They tend to feel lonely, like they can't relax, or have trouble turning off their minds.  This therapy is designed to help adolescents relax rigid or inflexible control, learn to chill out and be playful, and decrease emotional loneliness.


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