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Hope Arnold

Owner Simply RO DBT


Hope Arnold, LCSW, MA is a Supervisor and Trainer in Radically Open DBT (RO DBT). She began her RO DBT training with Dr. Tom Lynch, treatment developer, in 2016. Hope continues to attend intensive trainings throughout the country and receives regular supervision from Dr. Tom Lynch.  Hope developed the RO DBT App through her training company Grow RO.

In her clinical work, Hope is the founder of Simply RO DBT in, a practice dedicated to evidence-based care and treating disorders of overcontrol. She specializes in personality disorders (Obsessive Compulsive PD, Paranoid PD, Dependent PD, Avoidant PD), eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders (special interest in female autism), and treatment-resistant disorders (depression and anxiety).

Prior to opening RO DBT Denver, Hope was in private practice at the DBT Center of Houston and was the RO DBT Lead Clinician.  Hope completed her Intensive Training in traditional DBT and Prolonged Exposure Therapy through Behavioral Tech.  Hope is also trained in Jungian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy and Ketamine Assisted Emotion Focus Processing Therapy.

Hope graduated Summa Cum Laude from Loyola University in New Orleans with a BBA in marketing. She worked for two of the largest private financial and consulting firms in the world before transitioning to being a clinician.  She has master’s degrees in social work from the University of Houston and psychology from Saybrook University with a concentration in Jungian studies.

$200 Intake

$175 Individual sessions

$ 185 couples session

Waitlist  3-6 months

Telehealth sessions - Colorado, Texas, Utah, and Virginia

In person - Houston, TX - Fridays Only


Podcasts and Media

Reading Glasses


Thoughts on Record

Hiding in Plain Sight: learn about  overcontrol, RO DBT, and OCPD

Dec 2021

Different Shades of Eggs


Eggshell Transformations

Sensitive on the inside and tough on the outside? Everything you need to know about 'overcontrol' 

July 2021

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Psychologists Off the Clock

Is Your Self-Control Out of Control? Radically Open DBT with Hope Arnold (part 1)

Oct 2019

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Psychologist Off the Clock

How to Loosen Up and Be Less Overcontrolled: Radically Open DBT with Hope Arnold (part 2)

Oct 2019


Radically Open Website

Articles written by Hope Arnold on RO DBT Topics for Radically Open International Website. Topics include perfectionism, pain, falling apart, loneliness, and impulse control.

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Diary Card and RO Skills

Hope Arnold and Lori Prado designed his companion app to RO DBT for a paper-free option for diary card and on-the-go RO skills reference.

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Past Presentations and Speaking Engagements

Ongoing quartely offering through Radically Open Ltd - Trouble Shooting Diary Cards and Building Your Awareness Continuum Practice 

Key Note Speaker - Hawaii Psychological Association Conference 2021

Newmont Energy - Overcontrol and Undercontrol in the workplace


Brief Intro to RO DBT - Gaudiani Clinic, Colorado School of Mines, ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders In Patient Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine Psychiatry, The Hummingbird Centre (Australia), ED Care.

RO DBT One Day Trainings - New Haven, CT, Nashville, TN; Omaha, NB; Kansas City, MO; Houston, TX; San Antonio, TX, Polish RO DBT Association


Overview of Radically Open Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (2016). Borderline Congress, International Society for the Study of Borderline Personality Disorders, Vienna, Austria.

Tools to Improve Self Awareness. (2018). The Jung Center, Houston Texas. 

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