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For Clinicians

Use these helpful resources to learn more about RO DBT

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Micro Analytic Supervision

Supervisors are able to provide in-person or online supervision. Typically they review a tape of a treatment session together with you and provide feedback and answer questions. Supervision can be accessed worldwide.  Hope Arnold provides supervision to therapists on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedules.


Radically Open Ltd. is an approved sponsor of the APA.  Hope Arnold is an approved trainer for many of the trainings for the organization.  Click here for a list of approved trainings.

Additionally Hope Arnold offers tailored group trainings in 1, 3 or 6 hour CE increments for organizations upon request.


The RO DBT Blended Learning program is the equivalent of the RO DBT Intensive Training course, but delivered via on-demand webinars and one 3-day in-person workshop.  Click here for prices and enrollment.

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Now available on the App Store

Features include:
•        Diary card with send to therapist PDF
•        RO Skills reference
•        Self-enquiry journal and questions
•        Loving Kindness Meditations
•        Weekly and Daily reminders

Free CE

The Missing Dialectic

Join the RO DBT Mailing List and get a free 1 hour and 1 CE credit webinar on How RODBT differs from DBT.

Using a Computer

Diary Card Trouble Shooting

Online - for clinicians only - Oct 25, 2024 -

quarterly offering

The webinar will focus on the major struggles clinicians have using RO DBT diary cards when trying to help clients achieve their value goals.  It will showcase techniques to increase client buy-in of diary card completion including: the practical options for diary card completion (paper, electronic, and app), troubleshooting adaptive and maladaptive social signals, having fun with “spicy” labels, practicing getting the client’s visceral experience of a signal and when to remove a target from a card. 2 hrs CE

Intro to RO DBT

Online - Date TBD
APA CE credits available 

This 3 hour live webinar gives mental health practitioners (e.g. psychology, psychiatry, social work, mental health nursing) who are not yet familiar with RO DBT and overview of what type of treatment RO DBT is. The aim is for clinicians to be able to make a more informed decision after attending this webinar on whether or not RO DBT is suitable for their clients and whether they want to learn how to practice RO DBT.

Upcoming Trainings

Research on RO DBT

Selected Research Links to Articles on RO DBT

Here are some of the most requested research articles on various treatment outcomes for RO DBT and various mental health disorders treated by RO DBT. Click here for a link to all research articles on RO DBT.

RO DBT Special Issue


1 Treatment cost effectiveness

Efficacy and Mechanisms 


1 Qualitative sharing and connecting with peers

2 Single-case study with adults 

Adolescent restrictive eating

All OC Disorders

Large Randomized Control Trial RefraMED

Skills Class Only

Young Children


Autism Spectrum 

Community Adults

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