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Client Resources

Use these helpful resources to learn more about RO DBT

Learn about RO DBT

The international website for RO DBT has wonderful resources about overcontrol including blog articles written by RO DBT therapists. Please click here to be take to 

Books and Skills Manual

RO DBT has a text book and skills manual.  If you are joining an RO DBT skills class you may wish to have the full skills instructor manual.  Click here to purchase it.

Client Portal

If you are an existing client, you can:

  • view documents shared

  • pay outstanding balances

  • access superbills and invoices

  • upload documents

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Features include:
•        Diary card with send-to-therapist PDF
•        RO Skills reference
•        Self-enquiry journal and questions
•        Loving Kindness Meditations
•        Weekly and Daily reminders

Free RO DBT Loving Kindness Meditation

Selected Articles on RO DBT

Dr. Thomas Lynch

A social signal is a behavior that someone sees us do, regardless of intention.  Learn about social signaling and how RO DBT posits that is is the key factor in treating chronic depression.

Dr. Thomas Lynch

Discover how being part of a group or tribe helped us thrive as a species. Also learn how too much control can keep us out of the tribe and cause feelings of loneliness.

Hope Arnold

How perfectionism gets in the way of social connection.

Hope Arnold

Learn how too much impulse control can play a role in psychological distress.

Social Safety Activation

Eyebrow wags are a skill used in RO DBT to help turn on the social safety system so we can feel calm and relaxed in social settings.   Hope Arnold explains what they are and how they are used in therapy.

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