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Say Goodbye to Paper Diary Cards for RO DBT

Whether you are new to Radically Open DBT (RO DBT), in the middle of therapy, or you’ve been through the whole program, you know that diary cards are an essential part of RO DBT. They help track our behavior targets, including social signaling.

One of the challenging parts of diary cards is that paper copies provided by therapist are not very handy for our smart phone focused life. In response to this need, Grow RO developed a RO DBT App which helps with daily and weekly social signaling, overt behaviors, and private behaviors tracking.

You also may know that RO DBT has a TON of skills. The RO DBT App can help sort through what skill to use in which moment such as:

  • social safety system activation,

  • building awareness,

  • building openness,

  • exploring moods and emotions,

  • flexible responding,

  • living by your values, and

  • social signaling help.

Another handy feature is the self-enquiry journal. The RO DBT app features a log for daily entries and the ability to look through all of the self-enquiry questions from the skills manual in one place.

Additionally the RO DBT app also has a Social Safety Activation Toolkit with pre-loaded recordings of loving kindness meditations to help you in the moment or before a social event.

The RO DBT App also has daily and weekly reminders to help you remember to log behaviors and practice your skills.

The RO DBT App was developed in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Lynch, treatment developer, and senior RO DBT clinicians. You can find the RO DBT App from Grow RO in the Apple App store today.

Grow RO is a company owned by Hope Arnold and Lori Prado, who are part of the Sr. Clinician and international training team with Radically Open Ltd.

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